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    Albert FrankeAlbert Franke

    1974 M20F Lycoming 4-cylinder, so not sure if my comments/questions apply to other engines, but:

    – Useful Tip for clean filter removal:  Get a 3 foot section of 1.5″ PVC, cut lengthwise, insert just under area where filter and engine meet and you’ve got a trough to let oil flow out down your ramp into a bucket versus dousing the firewall and back of engine in oil

    – Question:  Do you run engine to warm up oil or just drain it cold?  I’ve done both methods, but they both seem to take the same amount of time (considering mid-50s South Texas winter).   If you warm it up, it might flow slightly faster, but you’ve also burned gas, worn the engine slightly and coated the entire engine insides with oil and will have to wait for the last bits to flow down.  If cold, it might flow slower, but you are draining the 6-7 quarts already sitting nicely at the bottom of the oil pan.  If you change it sub-40s, it may need to be warmed just to move, but for those who live in temperate regions…any other reason to run the engine first versus draining oil cold???   Thanks.

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