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Charlie is the owner of the first Acclaim Ultra

Charlie is the owner of the first Acclaim Ultra He operates between Pensacola,FL and his businesses in the Northeast.“Personally, I use the airplane often to go back and forth between Florida and the Bahamas. It really enables me to spend more time with family and friends while increasing my capabilities for business.The new two-door setup and new interior makes our Mooney comfortable to get in and out of, and the whole family just feels more at home and confident in the airplane.”“Mooney’s reputation for strength and safety, especially with the unique cabin-surround chromoly-steel cage, won me over. There are a lot of great high-performance singles out there, but Mooney’s reputation brings me back every time. I wouldn’t buy any other single-engine aircraft but Mooney.”Charlie also has a charitable side. “I have flown about 50 hours per year for Angel Flights since 2010, and the Mooney allows me to help others more effectively more often.”

Be Part Of The Legacy

With more than 70 years of product enhancement and customer support, and a fleet that has accumulated more than 40 million flight hours, you might say we know a thing or two about industry leadership. From speed to range to safety to innovation, we’re constantly refining what it means to fly a Mooney. While staying true to the vision established by Al Mooney from the very beginning. A passion for speed, strength, and simplicity defines Mooney's philosophy.


By sharing acquisition and fixed costs, co-ownership provides the lowest net cost of aircraft ownership. Operators with low-to-medium utilization requirements benefit most.


Co-ownership through MooneyShares powered by PIA reduces the risks associated with traditional partnerships.

  • Provides co-owner autonomy in tax and title
  • Solves conflicts caused by the ongoing communication and coordination required by partners (scheduling, maintenance, etc.)
  • Identifies qualified, compatible, co-owners for specific aircraft in a specific geography
  • Provides an exit plan that makes entry comfortable


We are taking orders for the M20 Ultras. Now is a perfect time to imagine your dream paint scheme and style, leather interior, options for safety and comfort, and special touches that will make the next Mooney, your Mooney.

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