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    glenn reynoldsglenn reynolds

    My ovation is a 1995 version and my understanding is the the factory glued the floor carpet to the cabin sole.  Or said another way, I just spent the weekend playing tug of war with my carpet.  I’d like to say I won, but frankly I’m not sure, but the carpet is removed.  I will now need to put a replacement carpet in/down.  Does anybody know if this is something the factory sells?  Would a new factory carpet also be glued down?  Any idea why they did it in four pieces instead of one piece?  Why not put rubber heel guards in front of the rudder pedals?  Airplanes seem to use several methods of securing carpet: Cessna uses number six sheet metal screws with washers; a few brands use velcro and my experience with Mooney is contact cement.  As Mooney uses the underbay as infrastructure bay it seems a no go to retrofit with sheet metal screws as of course Cessna has access holes so you can ascertain nothing is where you are about to put a sheet metal screw.  That would leave glue and velcro as the two options for me?

    Frank CrawfordFrank Crawford

    Hello Glenn,

    The carpet is glued with 3M Adhesive – If you have any other questions, you can email me at

    Best Regards,

    Frank Crawford


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