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    Kurt ZimmermanKurt Zimmerman

    Hi All, Anyone have advice on options/shop to overhaul my dukes gear motor in my 74 M20C? A&P suspects the motor is on last leg, it starts up if you give it a little nudge. Its up on jacks now in the shop; had 1 prior gear retract issue that resolved on own after 3 cycles of the gear handle then on next flight there  was an extension failure followed by a manual emergency extension.  Parts 1-3 gear actuator service and inspection AD being done regularly, still have the 20:1 gear in the actuator transmision.  Looks like last overhaul was ~20yrs ago.





    a business that I have seen recommended on MS for overhauls is Aeromotors (http://www.aeromotorsllc.com/aeromotorsllc/)

    hope this helps.

    Kurt ZimmermanKurt Zimmerman

    Thank you John, the shop sent the motor out to LASAR who said the 20:1 gear cogs were good but armature was melted in spots. They then sent out to someone else to have motor rebuilt. It’s been in their hands 6 weeks now. Not sure why the long delay.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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