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    Anthony CarusoAnthony Caruso

    TBO and oil plumbing question…

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    Dustin KurathDustin Kurath

    My guess is no, since it is the only approved engine for the aircraft and any change would require an STC. I believe the 2200 hour recommendation also only applies if the engine is flown quite a lot, such as 40 or more hours per month. However, TBO is only restrictive if you are a commercial passenger operator. If you are a 91 operator, your aircraft is still airworthy even if your engine is past recommended TBO and if the new cylinder design is approved for your engine, you can certainly have them installed at the time of top overhaul. How long your engine actually lasts and is safe to fly with has way more to do with how you maintain it, how you run it, and frequency of operation. Most piston aircraft engines succumb to corrosion long before TBO since they are not flown much. Camguard is good cheap insurance if you don’t fly much. If you fly your aircraft 3 times a year and run the engine at max cruise with 400+F CHT’s in cruse, the odds of making overhaul are pretty low. On the flip side, if you fly all the time and are cautious with engine management, even a turbocharged engine will make overhaul, but this is pretty uncommon since most people who buy turbocharged airplanes don’t buy them to go slow.



     Most Continental series engine manufactured after February 2012 have a TBO increase of 200 hours. Engines used in frequent type service have an additional 200 hour increase. See Service Information Letter SIL98-9B for details.

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    Ron TaylorRon Taylor

    Let me just start by saying I love my M20R. Being a Mooney guy I like to go fast, and now I would like to go faster.

    I’ve see on the web site Mooney is advertising factory new Acclaims. They won’t answer emails. Does anyone know if they’re planning on producing new planes?

    Thanks for any info, Ron

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