Mooney in Oshkosh

To the Mooney Community at Oshkosh:


Mooney will not have a booth or other official presence at Oshkosh this year. And although we’re not there, I can assure you, we are here! Over the last year we’ve delivered two brand new 2021 Ultras to two terrific new owners who will enjoy the amazing performance of their Mooneys for years to come. We have built up our parts production to support our 7000+ fleet and we’re also producing parts for third party parts contractors. We’ve also opened our Service Center so if you need an annual or other work done, please reach out and we’ll slot you in. We’re working on new innovations including a landing gear retrofit and a faster and lighter sequel to the Ultra. So, rest assured, we are working hard here at the plant at Kerrville and we look forward to a bright future.


There’s a New Mooney Rising!


Stay tuned and fly safe!


Jonny Pollack
Mooney International Corp