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    Patrick HoranPatrick Horan

    I am not sure if anyone will know the answer but I figured why not. I am currently considering an upgrade to my M20C, either a Bravo or an Acclaim. With the Bravo, I will probably do a complete panel overhaul. installing G500txi, 750, 650, ect.. I am just wondering if anyone would know the rough cost of  the Nxi upgrade? what would it be, $50,000? maybe more, maybe less? just outweighing the costs and seeing all options. Thank you for the help.

    Anthony CarusoAnthony Caruso

    Welcome aboard Patrick!

    An Acclaim or Bravo with G500txi would be fantastic..!

    Add a GTN750/650 combination for support…

    NXi would have that factory complete look…


    Nils JungeNils Junge

    Garmin offers an Nxi upgrade for the G1000. I think I read somewhere that the costs are somewhere in the $25-30k range. However Mooney would have to get an STC for that. If they do this an Acclaim might be your best option. I own an Acclaim and would love to get that upgrade!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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