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    Anthony CarusoAnthony Caruso

    A copy of a conversation started on MooneySpace initiated by Dustin K… Whom I invited to join us here to fill in the more important details…



    Dustin’s words follow…

    In my experience the tempest fine wires are not been good. My ovation ultra came with them new, and I started having problems at about 500 Hrs tach time. I had a string of 4 in flight magneto failures within 75 tach hours over about 6 weeks, including one over the continental divide with mountain obfuscation. I finally pulled the plugs and found one with a missing center electrode and a few with high resistance. Pulled all 12 and replaced them with tempest massives and 2 freshly overhauled mags. No more problems now. Some people like fine wires and have good luck with them, but I can think of much cheaper things to use as fishing weights.

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