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    Very eager for the long-body gross weight increase! It’s the only thing that I would change on my M20M FIKI. Greater take off and landing weight would make the airplane much more useful. Please keep us updated as more details become available.

    Patrick HoranPatrick Horan

    I agree, I own a Mooney M20C. I am looking to upgrade to a long body specifically for this Mod! I cant wait


    Is there any word on how many additional pounds may be gained from this potential STC?

    Paul KortopatesPaul Kortopates

    FWIW, by definition, an STC is a modification made by someone other than the manufacturer or type certificate holder. A gross weight change provided by Mooney will be likely in form as a Mooney drawing, perhaps communicated officially via Mooney Service Instruction, once an update to the Mooney TCDS (type certificate data sheet) is approved. In other words this will be a Mooney modification to the TCDS rather than a STC.

    Be patient, I am sure the factory won’t delay one minute in letting us all know when they have one.

    Michael HaehnleMichael Haehnle

    This is the first I’ve heard that an increase in gross weight is even a possibility.  That’s great news!


    We’re working on it folks! Takes resources and time. The basic design is complete. Now working on prototype and then drop testing. The plane will ride higher on struts and will be much more forgiving on landing.


    John HallJohn Hall

    Can’t wait to hear about it when it becomes available. Have just purchased our first Mooney (2006 FIKI). A gross weight increase would be incredibly helpful.

    Douglas FurstDouglas Furst

    This would be great.  My M20R is the first one and as such I think I have better useful load then some but more is always appreciated.

    Ryan RileyRyan Riley

    860# UL on my 2000 Mooney Bravo FIKI. It has amazing capes, but is not really a family hauler. Anyone know if we’re looking at a few hundred pound increase for long bodies? I think this would put most over 1,000 lb UL which would be awesome!!

    Marc LafoMarcLafo

    Will this increase only apply for the long bodied models. I have a 65C

    Patrick HoranPatrick Horan

    This is only for Long bodies right now. There might be plans to expand it into mid bodies.

    They are trying to increase the useful load by 400-500lbs though Mooney has been quiet since the website was created. I hope this doesnt mean that they are in trouble again.


    We have been making strides in making parts, answering Tech Support email, phone calls etc. Hope to have some of your answers about GW increase as we get closer (many tests will need to be completed as well as certification items) – We will let you all know as soon as we can!!

    Best Regards, Frank


    Frank, thanks for the update!

    Can you manage our expectations and tell us whether we’re looking at a 2021 event, or 2022?


    Frank CrawfordFrank Crawford

    Hello Robert – I am hoping to have some news very soon, about when we can start attending events – we will post it on our website.

    Ryan RileyRyan Riley

    Frank, we’re all ears. This is a big deal for carrying four people, bags, and some fuel. Any timeline updates are appreciated if you can pass along.

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