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    James KramerJames Kramer

    The G1000 in my 2008 Ovation 3gx is doing a couple of strange things.  Just wanted to see if any of the other owners are having these issues and whether you found a fix.

    The first issue, which started just last week, is the fuel level for the LH tank jumps all over.  Regardless of the actual fuel level the gage keeps jumping erratically between 30gal and the red X and all points in between.  I have already checked the senders and all wires.

    The second issue, which has been happening for over a year, is that the manifold pressure gage reads steadily and correctly except for the first 10 minutes of most flights.  During that 10 min it will vary erratically 1 – 1 1/2” with no pilot input.  I’ve already checked the wires and replaced the MAP transducer.

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