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    Anthony CarusoAnthony Caruso

    One of the things that will interest me going forwards….

    My 1994 O1 has a mostly original instrument panel…

    The latest G1000 based panels of the last run of Ovations would be interesting…

    Is there any interest in a factory supported overhaul of older panels to look and behave similar to newer panels… complete with WAAS and ADSB…

    Kind of a theoretical question for now…

    Something to add to the potential products and services business going forwards…

    The competition would be my local Garmin provider… who may not be that familiar with Mooney installations…

    Best regards,



    Thanks for the first R post Anthony!

    Factory refurbishments is definitely on our radar (for more than just avionics). I don’t think we would put a G1000 in a non-G1000 airplane though.  As great as the G1000 is, it’s extremely heavy (adds 35 lbs of equipment to your tail), and not the easiest to upgrade. If the factory was going to put a new panel in your plane we would likely look at the G3X or G500TXi as PFD/MFD replacements. This equipment comes with all of the latest technology (touch screen, synthetic vision, visual approaches, ect…) standard. While you may say “great! I could use 35 lbs of charlie weights!” there are also improvements that could be made to the front of the plane which are hopefully coming soon…

    In short, yes, we are looking at factory refurbishments and hope to have the service center open in the next few months for any folks who want to have their annuals or other work done at Mooney.


    Scott KnollScott Knoll

    Just stopping in to say hello and share my enthusiasm for the new direction at Mooney! Just purchased our first airplane, N44PZ. First thing we did was to give her the 310HP STC. Would love to see a carbon/lighter cowl. Weight and CG adjustment would be great. Really needs to happen at a reasonable price though, the 310HP is worth every penny. Good luck, we’re all rooting for you!

    Michael HaehnleMichael Haehnle

    I’m a new ’95 Ovation (310hp) owner and am looking forward to the next chapter in the Mooney legacy.  I have the original avionic and will be looking to upgrade, and definitely interesting in anything that would increase the useful load.  I’ll stay tuned.

    Paul EassonPaul Easson

    This my mooney M20R panel upgrade mostly done at Mooney factory

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    John HallJohn Hall

    Have just purchased our first Mooney (2006 N924AL). It is G1000 non Waas. Have read about the possible G1000 update to Txi…….how would this improve my G1000? Have also read about the possible STC for gross weight increase. Roughly how will this be accomplished? Very excited to join the Mooney community!

    Stan CraderStan Crader

    While dining at Billy’s I heard that an avionics upgrade increases perceived TAS.


    Hi John, Welcome to the community!

    We are working with Garmin on some options for upgrading the Non-WAAS to NXi (or something else) but don’t have any news to share yet so stay tuned.  In short, the upgrade will allow for a lot of features that are available in the current version of the G1000.

    The Gross Weight Increase is also being worked on but it will require some basic changes to aircraft components.

    Once again, welcome, and we hope that you are enjoying your new to you Mooney!

    Jeff SchlueterJeff Schlueter

    As a G1000 Ovation owner, I would second the notion that the most important thing to me is ensuring that my avionics have an upgrade path. Those of us still using the S-TEC 55x are especially concerned, as it’s not clear that an upgrade to NXi is even possible without swapping out for a GFC700.  This may be ideal functionality, but will likely come at a high cost as well.  But at some point in the future, Garmin will eventually “end-of-life” the older G1000s and we need to know this won’t all of a sudden put a $300,000 plane on a path to no support. I look forward to what you can do!

    Tim SlotoverTim Slotover

    I love the modular nature of my non-G1000 panel (including the potential to install the Dynon system) but my wishlist for the airframe includes a diesel/jet fuel burning engine replacement for the IO-550 and the much anticipated gross weight increase.


    John HallJohn Hall

    Have just flown our “new” Mooney…….2006 ovation 2 GX…….home to southeast Missouri from near Bellingham Washington…..what a way to stretch our legs on our first flight! Enjoyed every minute of it. Plane performed GREAT. N924AL is a 280hp 550. What would be the biggest advantage of the 310hp STC? Climb, speed? What is the fuel burn difference? Thanks for the feedback.


    Hi Keymaster,

    Could you clarify your reply citing the non-WAAS G1000 possible upgrade to NXi?

    I upgraded my STec55/G1000 to WAAS 2 or 3 years ago when that was available and would, echoing Jeff Schlueter, want to keep a further upgrade path alive.

    So I’m hoping you’d offer an upgrade path to NXi-P2 for all G1000 Ovations, even if that required a GFC700 to go with it.

    Like everyone else I’m very excited – and very pleased for the Kerrville crew – to see all the initiatives being put in place and you can expect me to be an “early adopter” of your new upgrade offerings.




    You can expect a noticeably shorter take-off roll and better climb rate. No material difference in fuel flow and cruise speed. (I fly a 2006 O3).


    David MandelDavid Mandel


    I agree with Robert.  I also fly a 2006 O3.


    Scott KnollScott Knoll

    I just did the conversion. For us it involved a new prop (I believe we got the Acclaim prop, Hartzell 7498). AFM Supplement shows 1300fpm at gross weight, standard day 15°C/sea level vs 1150fpm from the AFM. So about 10-15% book increase in climb. 280HP Takeoff distance shows about 1000’, standard day, sea level. No takeoff data in 310HP AFM supplement, but I think I looked at an Ovation 3 AFM. If I recall, it should reduce takeoff roll by about 20%. We hopefully pick up the airplane tomorrow, so will have a more seat of the pants experience at that point. MSC that did it says you’ll definitely notice it. I read lots of reports on Mooneyspace before making the decision. New prop, plus 5k for the STC from Mooney. Some MSCs markup, ours did not. We don’t expect to see any difference in cruise, if using same cruise RPM.

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