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    The TIO-540-AF1B is a unique beast, and quite pricey.  Although I am just a little past 1,000 hours since overhaul, I am looking down the road and planning financially.  I have found that there is a dramatic difference in the price between having a good shop preform the overhaul versus getting a Lycoming zero-time engine.  I did a zero-time Lycoming on my C72R a few years ago and have been nothing but pleased.  However, the price difference for the AF1B is exceptionally substantial.  Is the zero-time engine really worth the substantial difference?  I welcome any insight from others that have been down this road.

    David VingianoDavidvingiano

    Hi Mark,

    What are you looking at price difference wise? I recall that the air power factory rebuild is somewhere in the 60s.  I also believe that comes with a rebuilt turbo as well?  If I still own my plane when I get near overhaul I’ll probably go rebuild.  From the little that I’ve heard they seem to perform very well.

    It’s over $100K for a brand new one but the last person who got the factory rebuild said almost every part was brand new.


    The factory zero time is about $68K (with core) and non-factory rebuilt estimates I have thus far are $38 to $47K.  I am unsure about the turbo as part of the factory zero time.  I will look into that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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