To the Mooney Community:

Just a few recent updates:

1) Mooney authorized service centers are taking orders for the Ovation carbon cowl and we plan to start delivery in the first quarter of 2021. If you’re interested, give your service center a call and they’ll get you pricing information. Since they’ll be delivered unpainted, speak to them about arranging for paint as well.

2) We’re working on certifying a carbon cowl for the J Models. So, for you J Model owners whose cowlings disintegrate a little more each time you land, help is on the way. And it’ll be about half the cost of the standard cowl and you’ll buy yourself a significant useful load increase.

3) Finally, we’re working on the pathway that’ll get you from Legacy G1000 to Nxi. And for you folks with an S-Tec or who are still Non-WAAS, we haven’t forgotten about you either. You’re part of the plan.

We have some other things in the works as well and as they come together, we’ll be announcing our plans. Again, it’ll take some time so please be patient – just getting the FAA approvals is a challenge, but I can assure you, the crew is working hard to make it happen. We’re listening to you folks, stand by!

Stay safe!

Jonny Pollack
Chief Executive Officer
Mooney International Corp.