Mooney Memos

December 18th, 2020 – A Quick Update

I wanted to extend my appreciation for both the compliments and constructive criticism regarding the new Mooney website. As I’ve mentioned, our website is no longer designed to sell planes – we’ll get back to that soon. In the meantime, the new website offers us a way to get you information about what our plans are and through the Air Traffic Forum, to hear from and interact directly with you. While I’m proud of the site our team put together, there is of course room for improvement. We will consider your suggestions and incorporate new features over time. You’ll note that we added a tab that gets you right to the technical publications – that was generated from a suggestion and we appreciate the advice.

The forum portion of the site was created to allow for more efficient communications between the Mooney team and all of you. Its functions are not ornate or fancy and as I mentioned in my blog post, it was not added with a mind to replace or compete with MooneySpace. In fact, we are big fans and appreciate MooneySpace which is a terrific forum and a great place for useful information. You’ll also notice that there is no “General Mooney Discussion” or other broad topic areas on Air Traffic – this was intentional. We wanted to keep the discussion very specific and focused on questions and/or tips about specific models. After the holiday our team will, in turn, begin monitoring the forum on a daily basis and jump in under the user name “MooneyTechSupport” when able.

I know you’d all like to hear that we’re building new planes, I would too. But as great as our aircraft are, there were inefficiencies in the way they were built and simply restarting production would have been a fool’s errand. And we all know that useful load and some other design improvements have to be addressed. So again, please be patient. In the meantime, we now have a more direct line of communication with each other.

Stay Safe!