To the Mooney Community:

We are working on a new website which we hope will go live in the not too distant future. It will be more focused on supporting all of you and a little less focused on selling new aircraft, at least for the time being. It will allow you to network with one another and we’ll be able to jump into the mix now and then to hopefully help answer some of your questions. It’ll also give you a platform to make suggestions, share your experiences as Mooney pilots and owners and perhaps become more involved with what we’re planning in Kerrville.

In the meantime, until the site is up and running, I’ll be using this simplified version of our website to communicate with you and keep you updated on our plans. We’ll be adding hyperlinks so you can still access some of the important information the old website provided such as contact information and service center locations.

Also, we’re taking orders for the lighter Ovation carbon cowl. Please reach out to your local service center if that interests you as we’ll be sending them the pricing information shortly.

I’ll be in touch as things develop in Kerrville!
Safe flying and thanks for your support!

Jonny Pollack
Chief Executive Officer
Mooney International Corp.