Mooney International Renews Factory Mooney Transition Training Program for New Owners

Mooney International has renewed the Mooney Transition Training program to provide in-depth training for new aircraft owners with various experience levels that purchase our new 2015 M20 series models, which includes the Acclaim Type S and Ovation3. Mooney developed the program from existing transitional curriculums, then formatted it to improve pilot transitioning in the new Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA). ... Continue Reading

Mooney International Delivered First B Number Acclaim to China

Mooney International delivered the first M20TN Acclaim Type S which will be issued a Chinese issued B number in December 2014. The Acclaim was built, flight tested, and then disassembled in Kerrville, Texas, then shipped in a sea cargo container to China for reassembly and final delivery to its owner. ... Continue Reading

Mooney International is Granted Validated Type Certificate from CAAC and Delivers New M20 Acclaim

Mooney International is set to deliver the first M20TN Acclaim Type S aircraft with a Chinese National Registration, (“B”) number, to its owner in China at the end of December.  Mooney officially received the Validation of Type Certificate (VTC) issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) on Dec. 9, 2014 and this will allow Mooney International to directly export aircraft to China making it easier for Chinese customers to own and operate a new Mooney. ... Continue Reading

Mooney International Introduces First New Mooney Models

Mooney International introduced the first new Mooney models since the restructuring of the company at the Airshow China 2014 in Zhuhai, China. The Mooney M10T and the M10J fill a need and reflect innovation at a different level of the fleet mix and these aircraft will provide a steppingstone to the high performance M20 series. ... Continue Reading

Mooney Announces Partnership With Redbird Flight Simulator

Chino, CA – With sales shifting into high gear at Mooney International Corporation, the Company is pleased to announce its partnership with Redbird Flight Simulations. Mooney has purchased three feature-rich, full-motion Redbird FMX’s. These state-of-theart flight simulators will be on location at the Kerrville, Texas Manufacturing and Service Center Headquarters, Chino; California, the global corporate headquarters and in the newest location, Bejing, China, an office set to open later this summer. ... Continue Reading

Mooney International Announces New Office in China

Chino, CA – Since the beginning of the year, Mooney has reactivated a dormant manufacturing facility into a thriving operation with more than 150 associates between its two domestic operations, Kerrville, Texas, the manufacturing headquarters and Chino, California, its global headquarters. ... Continue Reading